Already some years ago, when this internet page still was in the fledgeling stages, there was a little area on it at which Stefan Trost shows some of his works of art. In the course of time this area became bigger and bigger and by now it presents itself in a much bigger context as a community for artists on its own web page.

On placeofart.com (login data required) people are able to see or buy sculptures, paintings, action art or other types of art unhurriedly. The works could be searched for criteria like artists, height, year, sale and descriptions. In addition on the right of every page you can see six avatars, small extracts of the works. This avatars make it possible to find even works that would never be found by normal search inquiries. Finally in the art there is even more than ever could be verbalised.

You are an Artist?

Perhaps you are an artist and you are searching for a possibility to present your artwork to a worldwide audience, no matter whether you want to find some buyers or you would only like to have feedback to your art. In every case you can simply get in touch with us to introduce yourself and your art.

You can get all further information from us or later on placeofart.com. Your advantages are obvious: Besides the interchange with other artists by using the communication system of the Community, your artworks get the chance to be seen by people, which would have never gone in your personal exhibition.

Connections to Art

At the moment,placeofart.com is not available to the public. Simply send us your comprehensive application when you would like to participate in this community. In the meantime, you are gladly invited to discuss with us in our Askingbox Portal about art and culture.



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