Perhaps you know the advertising on the pages of Stefan Trost Media. It is integrated in the page in a so-called Infobox. The advertising looks like an integral part of the side, is neither obtrusive nor flickery. So the page can be enjoyed despite the advertising. The results are on the one hand that users like to come back and on the other hand that your advertising get the same attention as the number content. Finally blinking banners are meanwhile ignored by a large part of the Internet users completely.

The System

Next to the indirect advertising, you can personally discuss with me by using the contact form, there is the advertising system on the pages of Stefan Trost. An advertising unit costs 10 euros per month and you can order so many units as you would like.

There are two advantages having many units: First, you can consider another publicity slogan for every unit, which you can change everytime in your private center and on the other hand it increases that you are seen.

An Example

Assumed there are two canvassers who switch there advertising here. One has booked one unit, the other has booked three ones. In this case canvasser A can advertise three different products (of course it can be also three times the same) and his publicity slogans are shown in 75% of the page calls while the advertising of canvasser B only can consist of one slogan and it is shown only at 25% of the side calls.

Your Advantages

You get a personal page in the internal area of this page, from where you can manage your advertising any time. You can change the texts and your advertising units as often as you would like it. Your advertising is announced at the Infoboxes by on all pages from Stefan Trost Media and seems unobtrusive and informing.

If you still have questions or want to apply for the advertising system, simply write a mail to us.


Individual Software

Software for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and the Web. According to your needs and desires.


Freeware Software and individual Software Solutions for you.


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