Many offers, products or services like software, support or internet pages like placeofart.com of Stefan Trost Media are available for you for free. This indicates that you are able to download the software products from our server, you can use them and you can pass them on absolutely for free. Even the support or the use of many internet pages do not coast anything.

Of course this causes lots of costs for us, though. The applications must be produced and waited by programmers, the people who answer your mails also need something for their life and alone the traffic for downloads and page calls costs money.

This costs for support, programming and operating are not bounded to the sale of other services with costs. This indicates, that this division lives alone on its support. If this division could not keep its head above water by your donations, it will be dismissed.

By the idea of donations and the use of our performances, we understand the following: first, simply have a leisure look at the services. In the case of the software, you should download it first, then you can try it out and after that you should donate as much as this software is worth to you. The same applies to the other services. If you think that these are superfluous and do not yield any results, simply donate nothing. Of course we do not want to turn large amounts away but also small donations are very valuably and welcome atr any time.

If you would like that Software and Services of this type are offered furthermore and, in future, there are even investments in bigger projects, you should support this type of performances with your donation.

Many Thanks,
Your Stefan Trost Media Team

How to Donate?

There are several possibilities to support Stefan Trost Media. Depending on which method you consider as the most comfortable one, you can transfer money by PayPal or over your bank, you can send money via post mail or you can support Stefan Trost Media in another way.

Bank Transfer: If you want to carry out your donation by bank transfer, please use the following bank connection for that: Owner: Stefan Trost, Number: 788341, Bank Code: 36060591, Sparda-Bank West eG.

PayPal: PayPal offers the possibility to pay by debit note, Giropay, credit card or your PayPal credit account, uncomplicatedly. The following badges for your personal currency take advantage of a save connection. You are passed on to PayPal, where you can choose your donation freely and after that you come back to this page again.

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Send money via post mail: If you would like to remain anonymous, you do not have any bank account or you simply find this possibility more comfortable, of course you are also welcome to send us money via post mail. You can find our address in the imprint.

Alternative support: Perhaps you do not like any of the three described possibilities, but nevertheless you would like to support us. In this case, there are many alternatives, simply take one of your talents and help us! For example, if you are a jurist, you can check elements of our general Terms and Conditions, if you know about the English language, you can check our English pages for faults. Come up with something and write us!

Advertise for us: The alleged easiest way to support us, is to advertise for us. If you have a homepage, you can hyperlink one ore more of our products, willingly with a small description of our services. Of course, you can feel free to use our official ads, available at stefantrost.com/campaigns. If you would like to have the advertising in a different file format or in a different size for your project, we are ready to help you.


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