The software sector of our company can roughly be subdivided into two large areas with different aims and target groups. The first large area is the freeware sector and the second large area is that one of the Individual Software Solutions and Software Customizations. Both sectors are introduced and explained more precisely in the following.


Stefan Trost Media offers a great number of free Software on the Internet page sttmedia.com. These products are financed by donations completely and may be passed on and used absolutely for free. The variety of these programs reaches of very simple tools like the PrintMyFonts to complex programs like the Index Author or an application called Statistics. In addition, very complex software solutions like the Text Converter, are available in a freeware version as well as in another version, you can buy.

Our company wants to show that good software does not have to cost anything and supports the userfriendly thought that you only have to pay something if you like the product. So at first our customers get the possibility to use the program without any obligation. After that they can decide what they want to pay for the software depending on their favour and their material conditions. Finally a pupil is never able to pay as much as a big company. The small pupil still can decide to donate something, if he earns enough money for his own.

The profit from this division is invested in the development of new free software, so that we will be able to offer even better and more extensive applications in the future.

On this page all of the programs are introduced shortly. You can download the software on the page sttmedia.com/software, where you are also able to find further information like screenshots, feature overviews and the online help.

Individual Solutions and Customizations

Another target is pursued with our division Individual Software Solutions and Customizations. By Individual Software Solutions, we understand a solution for your individual problem. You need a software for a certain purpose and we take care of programming this software. Behind cerating completely new software solutions, we can also adjust one of our existing freeware products in accordance to your need. Perhabs there is a freeware solution, but you need another function or feature, an import function or a different design.

Of course this area is primarily aimed at customers with a special interest. That are customers interested in software not intended for the mass market. But of course you are also welcome to order applications which would fit into our assortment of free software, too, finally even small tools for little tasks already pay off in the productivity and efficiency powerfully.

It does not matter, for which purpose you need the software or whether you need the software to be run on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X or the Web. Simply talk to us and write your message with your request or question and we weill try to find the best fitting solution for your individual aims.



Freeware Software and individual Software Solutions for you.

Individual Software

Software for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and the Web. According to your needs and desires.


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