Everybody who would like to register a new internet page knows the problem around the domains. Every single domain can only be registered for one time and after some years of the Internet, nearly all of the good addresses are not available any more. But just a good domain can be a decisive economy advantage: If the domain is very easy, more potential customers will recognise it or come to your page only by typing a speicial word into their browser. Solve this problem, get a better domain today!

Domain Leasing

With Stefan Trost Media you can rent domains. That keeps costs under control and you can repel the domain again as soon as it gets unprofitable. Below on this page you can see a part of our current supply. Moreover we still have some other domains, you can ask about.

Sell or Rent Out Domains

If you have a domain which you would like to rent out or sell, you also can consult us. We can include the domain in our list to arrange a potential buyer or tenant. Simply write a message about the contact page for us.

Current Offers

Here you can see a choice of our current offers. We also have some other domains which can be asked for. If you should be interested in one of these or another of our domains, please write a message with your non-committal price idea for us.

You would like to introduce your practice in which you offer eye operations. In this case, this domain is exactly the correct one for you. The .eu symbolizes your openness for Europe and makes you also confessed and interesting on markets outside your country.



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