Web Design and Conception

No matter, whether you are the owner of a company or a private person. If you have recognized the signs of the time, you do not underestimate the importance of the Internet and you would like to present yourself positively and profitably, with Stefan Trost Media you are exactly at the correct address. We would like to combine your individual wishes with our years of appearance to guarantee your personal success.

PHP, MySQL, CSS and more

On modern Internet pages many elements overlap without noticing by the simple visitor. Design, databases and dynamic contents cooperate and join together to one unity, your first contact to potential consumers. Without neglecting your personal wishes and ideas, we offer all modern possibilities of web design and conception from one source. Above all, we attach great importance to aspects like security, efficiendy, professionalism and to the compatibility of your page with all of the browsers.

Individual Service

It is your decision, how much service you would like to use. Perhaps you prefer, that we work out a completely new appearance for you on the Internet. Or perhaps you already have an existing page which shall be updated, adapted or cared, however. Perhaps you already have the complete contents of an internet page and you need a design, you would like to establish an online shop or you want to run an online survey for a certain time.

No matter which wishes you have and in which places you want to take up our services, we care about it. Simply inform us about your wishes and make questions. You can use our contact page for that.


As our references we would like to present you the following pages. In addition, you can look at all pages of Stefan Trost Media interlinked on this page. Your individual page can be carried out in a similar style like the listed ones, but perhabs you would like to have a completely different and new style. The design can be adapted depending on your favours and your target group. Of course, it does not play a role whether you already have concrete ideas or not.



Freeware Software and individual Software Solutions for you.

Individual Software

Software for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and the Web. According to your needs and desires.


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