You know it. The next examination queues and there are a lot of things which up till now only can be found on the papers. However, they should be in your head! You have already often run through the points, but you notice that it is rather the order of the points than the content, you remember. You do not read the questions any more, because you know the answers.

If in this case you do not want to ask your friends and acquaintances again, only one helps: The AskingCoach from Stefan Trost!

Prepare your Question List and start the tool! The AskingCoach presents the questions by chance as long as you can answer them. After every question you can decide if this question can be answered correctly or if the AskingCoach should ask it once again. But look for yourself! Download this tool and start studying effectively!

The questionnaires can be created with the Answer Coach itself automatically, but there are also some example lists on the homepage of the Answer Coach. For example, there are some lists available to learn the characters of the russian, greek or hebrew writing system. The Answer Coach supports Unicode characters, so that it is no problem to use arbitrary special characters like mathematical symbols or letters from foreign languages. With this function, there are lots of additional fields of application for the Answer Coach.

Question Lists

If you should have gone into trouble with certain question lists, you can publish them here for the wide audience.Simply write me and I will put the lists here. At the moment question lists can only be found in the internal area and on the page sttmedia.com/answercoach-questionnaires.


Do you have questions, troubles or suggestions concerning the Software AskingCoach?Simply write and tell me! If there are some frequently asked questions, I will answer them here.

Download and Information

The AnswerCoach and further information you receive on the following pages:



Freeware Software and individual Software Solutions for you.

Individual Software

Software for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and the Web. According to your needs and desires.


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