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The ImageConverter is the right software for you, if you want to convert some images at the same time without using a difficult graphic program. A typical application, for example, is the resizing of lots of images at once or adding a watermark to some images. With the ImageConverter, you can carry out these tasks with only two clicks very easily, while the same task will take a lot of time, when using a normal graphic program or opening the files after each other.

The files can be opened simply by dragging them from your explorer to the software and all tasks can be carried out with only one click. Indeed, it is also possible to go into detail and adjust all of the actions in your way. For example, you can resize images, rotate and mirror images, change the color values, the brightness, the contrast and the saturation of images, add watermarks or other images to images, sharpen or blur images, draw a frame around images, write arbitrary text on images (for example copyright notices), cut images to a size and divide the RGB and CMYK color channels like you want. If you are applying more than one actions, you can define a order for the actions, because the results may be different with different orders. In addition, you can save all of the settings to profiles, so that you can open this profil with the Image Converter. This is usefull whenever you are applying the same modifications and you do not want to adjust them again and again.

Immediately after activating a task, the preview can show the changes, so that it is possible to compare the changed image with the original image at every time without saving the image before. Of course, you can also disable this function for a while to save resources or to compare the original with the changed image.

Your images can be saved in the same file format or in one of 20 other file formats supported by the application, so that you can also use the ImageConverter to convert images in another file format. The images can also be overwritten or saved with a user-defined name, which can also be a modified version of the original file name.

So, the ImageConverter is a usefull tool, if you want to work on some images easily and do not have the time to use big and difficult graphic programs. In the same time, the graphic program is started, the ImageConverter has converted the first hundred images for you!


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