File Renamer

The File Renamer is a small and powerful tool to rename files very easily. The content of the files are not changed by the File Renamer, only the file name. The files to be renamed can simply be added from the explorer by dragging them on the software, but it is also possible to search folders, for example with the filter to find only files with a special file format.

Behind the normal find and replace function in the file name, with which it is possible to replace strings with other strings in the name, it is also possible to give arbitrary new names and use constants in the name, for example for numbering. So it is very easy with this tool to number files from “Image 001” to “Image 378”, for example. Thing on the work, this task would be when renaming by hand!

When changing the files, the file extension and the file name are treated separately. That means, you can decide whether the file extension or the file name or both should be changed at one time. Sometimes, it is necessary to change only the extension of files, for example when changing the HTML files of your homepage to PHP. In other cases you want to replace characters in the file names but the same characters in the file extension should not be changed.

The File Renamer can be downloaded as single software or in combination with some other products. It comes also with the software solutions ImageConverter,TextConverter and FileListCreator, which can also be downloaded for free.


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