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How easy would it be to copy a picture and to insert the same picture immediately after copying with some changes without doing anything. So, you do not have to use any graphics program for that. Of course, the same would also be possible with texts: You copy any arbitrary text to the clipboard (CTRL+C) and when inserting this text (CTRL+V) all of your desired changes have already been carried out. Exactly for these tasks, you can use the application Clipboard Saver.

With the help of the Clipboard Saver, you can manipulate, change and save text and image contents of your clipboard on-the-fly in accordance with defined actions. For example, you can automatically search and replace texts (also more than one replacement and optional by using regular expressions), you can write arbitrary texts before or after the clipboard text (for example you can copy values and automatically add an unit to these numbers) or you can save the texts copied to the clipboard automatically as a file. Images in the clipboard can be resized automatically (shrink or enlarged) or the images can be saved in an arbitrary format on your hard drive. Of course, you can also use more than one of this actions at the same time.

With this, for instance, it is possible to create a series of screenshots, which will be shrinked and saved in an arbitary format automatically. Remember, you have to use a normal graphics program for this task! You had to open the application, you had to resize the image and you had to save the image manually. This would be much more time than using the Clipboard Saver for that.

Another possibility for application of this program is, to show the history of the contents of the clipboard and to get this old contents back to your current clipboard. So, it would be possible to copy some texts to the clipboard after each other and after that you can call all of this texts again. This is not possible by using the normal clipboard functionality.


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