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There are many situations in which one unit have to be transformed into another one. For example, you want to know how many centimetres or kilometres is a length and given in inch or miles or there is an old ancient unknown unit and you would like to know, how to express this unit with modern measurements.

For all of this tasks, the Unit Converter provides a function. In the whole, the Unit Converter comes with over 4500 predefined units from 33 categories, so that you can start with this units immediately. In addition, you can create and define arbitrary custom units and categories to work with them and to comapare them with the predefined units. The predefined units are length, area, volume, mass, density, temperature, time, speed, acceleration, volume flow, kitchen measurements, information and storage, quantity, shoe size, energy, power, force, torque, pressure, frequency, electromotive force, electric current, electric charge, electrical resistance, luminous intensity, luminance, illuminance, radiation activity, radiation exposure, absorbed dose, radiation equivalent doese, angle and amount of substance. An overview of all units available can be looked at sttmedia.com/unitconverter-customunits.

For the display of the results, you can use several modes in the Unit Converter. Dependent on the purpose of your conversion, it would be better to choose a direct comparison of two or three units or a table including all units available in the converter. In addition to the units, each of the values can be combined with an arbitrary prefix like Nano or Kilo and all of the values can be copied to the clipboard in a customised format. The values can be entered as normal numbers, as fractions (for example 1/8) or as terms (like 1/2+pi*3), so that there are many possibilities to use different kinds of values and numbers.


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