Individual Software Solutions

Beyond our programs, which can be downloaded for free on our websites, we also offer individual solutions and customizations of existing software solutions for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X or the Web. By that, we understand a specific problem or a task which queues in your private or business environment and is solved by a customized specific application conceived exactly for this special task or in the case of the software customization a redesign of or some new functions for an existing product - for example one of our freeware tools.

This solution can accept the most different extents. For example an application for Windows, Linux or Mac OS X which cooperates and communicates with another application on the Internet to update your web contents is possible. On a less large scale it could be a software for the private user to manage his coin collection professionally and effectively without loosing the overview.

In connection with this, it is important to set against the increase in productivity and the costs of the software. Already small software solutions can lead a great increase of efficiency, cost reductions and time saving in your company or private environment. Think of our SlipplyClerk which can write the row "page 1", "page 2" up to "page 97" with only three times clicking the mouse. How much time would this have taken by hand?

No matter for which area - on the Internet or as an Windows application - we care about your concerns and would like to find the best solution for your individual problem. To get a first impression of our work and to see what is possible and feasible, you are welcome to have a look around at our freeware products. More information about our performances, you can get on the Internet page sttmedia.com/individual, where you are also able to send us your questions and orders on sttmedia.com/contact. We look forward to an excellent cooperation with you!


Individual Software

Software for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and the Web. According to your needs and desires.


Freeware Software and individual Software Solutions for you.


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