Do you sometimes lack of words? Certainly you would answer this question with a "no" with this tool! The WordCreator causes readable words by chance, no matter wheter you need a name for something or you are searching for a password.

You can change the length of the words and the number of words you want to get. In addition, the WordCreator makes use of a frequency list of all German (or English) syllables and letters. Of course you can also use your own frequency list to weight single letters or leave others out. How to do that is described within the program. The characters can be latin characters as well as arbitrary Unicode characters like symbols or letters from foreign languages.

In the latest version of the WordCreator, some interesting further functions have been added. Among other things, now it is possible to write possibly whole random sentences or even texts, which are following grammatical or own rules. For example you can store, which letter may be followed by another and which not.

Another feature is the Syllable Counter and the Character Counter. With these tools, you can count the syllables and characters from texts. It is possible to create frequency lists in text or HTML format or use the frequencies in the Word Creator to create new words or texts from them. The frequency tables of about 33 languages are integrated in the Word Creator and published on the web site, so that you can work with them.

The WordCreator works without installation and can be published and used freely as long as my name Stefan Trost and the Internet adress stefantrost.de are published, too. If you should use the WordCreator, I would be grateful for information about the use.


Do you have questions, troubles or suggestions concerning the Software WordCreator?Simply write and tell me! If there are some frequently asked questions, I will answer them here.

Download and Information

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Freeware Software and individual Software Solutions for you.


Freeware Software and individual Software Solutions for you.


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