Filelist Creator

With the FileList Creator it is possible to create lists of your local files or directories automatically. The output can be generated as normal text file, image file (bitmap, gif or jpg) or as HTML Document for your different purposes.

The software is very easy in use, you can simply drag the files or folders from your explorer to the program and the your file list is created immediately. It is your choice, which columns should be used in which order. For example you can write a column with the file name, the file format, the Windows file type, the file size, the dates of creation, last access and change, the file path, the associated software or some attributes like Read Only or Hidden in the list. Also this columns can be modified, for example with own headers or own other adjustments like the writing format or something like that. But you can also use the application, without modifying this things, also directly after the first access of the software, you can produce your first lists with the default settings and without knowing the program.

So that you can always see the result of your settings, the Filelist Creator comes with a preview function as plain text, image, HTML document or HTML source code. As soon as you are changing something, the preview is updated, so that you only have to save your list when it is like you want.

Another feature of the FileList Creator is the grouping of files. First, it is your choice in which order the files should appear in the list. But second, you can also group your files according to each of the columns, even if you do not use the grouping column in your file list. So, for example, you can group your files according to the creation date oder the file type and the creator will separate the table by the different dates or types.

Files of arbitrary format as well as directories can be added to your file list. You can set this in the tool. If you do not want to have folder listed in your list, you can newertheless add folders to the list. Then, the files of this folder will be added to the list.

So, the FileList Creator is a tool, which is very useful, if you would like to write lists of your files and nobody has to write those lists by hand or has to use some DOS commands, which can be very unhandily.


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