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Again and again there are situations in which you have to change the size of several images at the same time. For example, whenever you would like to send the pictures of your last holiday via mail, whenever you want to set some images to have the same size or whenever you want to publish some pictures on your homepage in the correct size. It does not matter, whether the images have to be shrinked or enlarged, you can use the tool Image Resizer.

There are three easy self-explaining steps for the resizing process of images in the Image Resizer. First of all, you have to choose the images to be resized. For that you can open a folder or you can simply drag and drop the pictures to be processed on the tool. After that you can choose the size and in the last step you can decide in which format and at which place the images should be stored.

There are some possibilities to choose the new size of your images. You can simply choose an arbitrary size in pixels, you can scale procentual (for instance two half or double the image size) or you can set of file size, the images should have after resizing. Dependent on the area of application, the one of the other method of modification will give you the best results.

In addition, optionally, it is also possible to carry out some further settings. For instance, you can set, that images should only be shrinked but not enlarged, you can define how to differ between portrait or landscape format, which method of resizing should be used and so on. Furthermore, all of the configurations can be saved, so that you do not have to set them again when using the same settings at different times.


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